sup yoga

Relaxing SUP yoga experience at Sri Lanka

professional BOGA yoga floating studio
Thalduwa, Ahangama
sup yoga

Relaxing SUP yoga experience at Sri Lanka

professional BOGA floating studio
Thalduwa, Ahangama
We offer an unforgettable SUP Yoga Experiences, classes, retreats, trips and much more!

In the South Coast of magical Sri Lanka where you can join our Boga Yoga floating studio at Thalduwa island in Ahangama.

So we're starting with our new schedule for Yoga on Water!

We want to keep you busy during the end of the season and off season, so stay tuned.
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Head of SUPYoga, Duwa SUP&YOGA Sri Lanka
Magda Bajer also is 200h qualified yoga teacher and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.
With number of years of experience, passing on the love for yoga and SUP Yoga in the UK, Poland and Sri Lanka.
With her love for water few years ago she was looking for the best way to combine yoga with water. And as soon as she has seen SUP Yoga she felt in love with this unique way of practicing and connecting to nature, and never looked back again.
She got into Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) in 2013, in the UK. She was participating
in various location and taking part of the classes around UK lakes, water sports centres and canals, gaining experience and learning paddling technique what led her to getting her first SUP Instructor accreditation (ASI L1 Flat Water SUP Instructor). Then she set up first SUP and SUP Yoga classes in Manchester, UK. After few years working as a yoga and SUP instructor in the UK, Magdalena is now developing this new and quickly growing water sport - SUP in the south of Sri Lanka.
She also got qualified as an ISA (International Surfing Association) L1 Flat Water SUP Instructor and going through ISA Water Safety course which puts her in a unique position of the only one person in Sri Lanka who holds this type of professional qualification. She believes that SUP is a growing sport around the world and many tourist who are coming to visit Sri Lanka are looking for this type of activity. Her goal is to develop and establish safe SUP and SUP Yoga classes on Sri Lankan flat waters. It is very important that she can provide professional and safe service not only for tourists but also passing on the knowledge, experience and code of ethics to local people.
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